Operate a Telehandler

This training manual covers:-
  • Operate a Telehandler (Unit standard 23637 Level 3, 20 credits)but will also include,
  • training in tasks that would occur when used in a Construction context. (this unit can be registered with NZQA on your record of learning)
  • The following Information, Guidelines and Codes of Practice provide aspects included in this training ACOP Forklifts, when lifting loads on forks                                                                                                                      
  • ACOP Cranes, Part 16: Other Cranes or Equipment used cranes                                                 
  • EWP Association of Australia, (Graphics & Video material)
  • A Guide to the Health and Safety in Work Act 2015 HSWA
  • ACOP Load lift Rigging
  • BPG Safe Use of Telehandlers in Construction (2016 Draft NZ)
  • BPG Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • Guidelines for Working at Heights
  • PECPR Regulations (exemption)
  • General Risk and Workplace Management GRWM regulations                                                                                                                        .
This training covers:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Inspection, includes attachments
  • Planning a task, includes risk assessment
  • Telehandler principles, Stability
  • Reading a Load Chart
  • Calculate a load weight
  • Carrying a Load on Forks
  • Using a Work Platform
  • Using a Bucket/scoop
  • Assessments approved by Connexis                                                  

Please note trainees need to have, or do as part of this course, a W endorsement

We can do a Module Using a Jib attachment on Forks/attachment (non nzqa)

Lifting Loads with Mobile plant -Telehandler, Wheeled loader, Excavator. Training Tasks

Conversations with Worksafe about Forklifts/Telehandler and Training

Question. What do you register a Telehandler as

Question. What licence and endorsements do you need to operate a Telehandler

UK  Operate a Telehandler Guidelines

       Lone workers and NZ’s New General Risk and Workplace Management regulations

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    • MEWP Elevating workplatforms

    • Skills registered assessor number 122856
      • Training based on NZQA unit standards, using Skills approved assessments.
        • 1 Days training consists of Legislation, Boom lift and Scissor lift (others as required)
          • you provide machines and training room
                • To train operators to a level where they can:

                • Describe types of elevating work platforms (EWPs), and legislative requirements for their use
                • Describe the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015    (HSWA)  
                • Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of an EWP
                • Complete pre-operational checks                                                                   
                • Carry out practical tasks
                • Park and shut down    
                • MEWP daily machine checksheet
                • MEWP Risk assessment sheet
                • ACC Risk cards new for Construction sites
                • Unit 17600  Explain safe work practices for working at heights
                • Unit 23229 Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height